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About Ma' Questers



Like many antiquers, my experience in buying, selling and relishing antiques and collectibles comes naturally. I learned from my Ma, who learned from her Ma, and so on. I spent many hours as a child exploring antiques. In fact, my great-aunt, Yolande Newman, was the president of Questers International in the mid-to-late 1960s. So, I tell my husband, I had no choice, but to follow suit.

My youth introduced me to Fenton, Belleek, Wedgwood, Cambridge, Tiffany, Lalique, and many more. I started dealing antiques in 2019 after my Japanese mother-in-law, Masako, passed away introducing me to the love and knowledge of Asian antiques. 

The name Ma' Questers is a tribute to my ancestors, my mother Kathleen, and my mother-in-law. In their honor, I promise to treat you as fairly as family.

The "Questers" in the name stands for the thrill of any antique hunt no matter if it is for my personal collection or resale. To find collectibles obtained during my quests, you may search this site or visit Holly Antiques in Holly, Michigan where I am vendor number 73.

Resale items too large or fragile to ship are available at Holly Antiques, 118 S. Saginaw Street, Holly, Michigan 48442. It is a fabulous antique store, one of the best in Oakland County, Michigan, housing over 38 vendors.

Easily shippable items are available on